Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Dutch are the world's tallest people

The Dutch are the world's tallest people

By ARTHUR MAX, Associated Press Writer Fri Sep 15, 5:25 PM ET

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Most of us are taller than our parents, who probably are taller than their parents. But in the Netherlands, the generational progression has reached new heights.

In the last 150 years, the Dutch have become the tallest people on Earth — and experts say they're still getting bigger. It is a tale of a nation's health and wealth.

Prosperity propelled the collective growth spurt that began in the mid-1800s and was only interrupted during the harsh years of the Nazi occupation in the 1940s — when average heights actually declined.

With their protein-rich diet and a national health service that pampers infants, the Dutch are standing taller than ever. The average Dutchman stands just over 6 feet, while women average nearly 5-foot-7.

Ask Pieter Gijselaar about the problems of the very tall.

At more than 6-feet-10 1/2, he spends a lot of time ducking through doorways and guarding against minor head injuries. In an economy-class airline seat, he only fits in the emergency exit row. He had to have the seat of his Volkswagen Golf specially fitted and blocks put under the legs to raise his office desk.

But Gijselaar, a 28-year-old real estate agent, says he has it easier than his father, who is 6-foot-5.

"Buying clothes and shoes is not a problem anymore. You can always find stores that sell large sizes," he said. "But it's not cheap. I don't get any discounts off the rack."

Though people tend to stare, Gijselaar says being head, shoulders and trunk above everyone else makes an impression. "People don't forget me. If you meet me a year from now, you'll remember who I am."

The Dutch were not noted for their height until recently. It was only in the 1950s that they passed the Americans, who stood tallest for most of the last 200 years, said John Komlos, a leading expert on the subject who is professor of economic history at the University of Munich in Germany. He said the United States has now fallen behind Denmark.

Many Dutch are much taller than average. So many, in fact, that four years ago the government adjusted building codes to raise the standards for door frames and ceilings. Doors must now be 7-feet, 6 1/2-inches high.

For years, the Dutch national air carrier had an agreement with the Tall People's Club to give preference to club members for front seats with extra leg room. The airline scrapped the deal last year because of complaints of discrimination by more normal-sized people, club spokesman Paul van Sprundel said.

Though that was a setback, the national railway did ask the club to try out seats for new railway cars.

"More and more people are becoming aware of our needs," Van Sprundel said.

The club has a membership of 2,000 individuals and families, or about 4,500 people including children. But Van Sprundel said the requirements are minimal, to conform with similar clubs in other countries — about 6-foot-3 for men and 5-foot-11 for women.

By those standards, he estimates about 800,000 people would qualify in this country of 16 million.

It wasn't always this way.

In 1848, one man out of four was rejected by the Dutch military because he was shorter than 5-foot-2. Today, fewer than one in 1,000 is that short.

George Maat, an anthropologist at Leiden University Medical Center, cites a study done in 1861 correlating the height of conscripts to the availability and price of rye, then the main food crop. One year after a poor crop, the number of men rejected as too short shot up.

Height appears to come naturally with the territory. Two thousand years ago, the men of the Low Countries stood about 5-foot-9 — tall for the age — and were enlisted as guards for the Roman emperor, Maat said.

Average heights declined over the next 1,800 years as food supply failed to keep pace with population growth and people moved into disease-ridden cities, said Maat. He spoke from his office, cluttered with leg bones and skulls, overlooking a grassy quadrangle that is the burial site of thousands killed by plague in 1635.

Even during the 17th century, when Amsterdam was the world's richest city, wealth was concentrated in the hands of a few merchants and average height did not increase.

It took until World War I for the Dutch to regain the 4 inches they lost over two millennia.

As lifestyles improve, Maat said the average height of a Dutch man could reach 6-foot-3 within 50 years. The influx of immigrants from North Africa may slow the growth rate, but their descendants could catch up in a few generations.

But wealth doesn't explain everything. Scandinavians, who are among the world's tallest people at 6 feet, are not getting taller on average, apparently hitting their genetic glass ceiling.

"With better food, Pygmies will increase in height, but you will never make Dutchmen out of them. It's just not there in the genes," Maat said.

"Since we are still on the move, we don't know where it's going to end," he said. "It's upward, yes, but how far upward we don't know."

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Short Guys View on Livejournal

I just made my page...I find that it may be not only express my posts through pictures more, but that I can categorize them easier too!

I will not abandon this blog though. But please feel free to check out my Livejournal page and post anytime!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tall (VERY!) beautiful baccarat dealer

I couldn't believe what I saw tonight. I was walking by the baccarat section of the casino. Behind one of the tables stood a beautifully tall, very sexy girl who worked there. Oh BABY! She was so tall, her belly must have been almost at my eye level!

Here is what I remember. She is very tall at about 6foot 3in+. She is a very pretty brunette with her hair just above her shoulders. She has a golden brown tanned body, which is really athletic too. I was walking by and I just looked up at her, she is so beautiful it hurts! Ouch.

She looks like she is in shape too! Like she has the height and muscle tone to pick me up and slam me against a wall.

She has been there for awhile though. Just once I would love for something to happen like if she leaned down to me and smiled, saying Hi. My heart would race! I would so jump her bones but she might think I'm too small.

I wonder if a tall beautiful bombshell would be into the attention of a little man like me.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Will be posting more really soon

Its been awhile, and I know I've recieved some cool comments from Mannish boy. I will respond to you, sorry I'm taking so long.

The posts to me marked Anonymous I will not even respond to. Not because they are anonymous, but because the person is trying to coerce me into into posting pictures of myself on the net, and trying to goad me into an argument with them.

They are a troll.

I still plan to keep this a page where anyone can post, I just get discouraged when the posts become antagonistic. So lets all play fairly so I feel I can keep anonymous posting on. And is MY blog.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tall (sexy) black porter girl update

Tonight I was leaving the cafeteria, and a friend asked for some change to buy something. I happily accomodated. As I was walking I fumbled and dropped a coin. Just as the tall, beautiful black girl walked next to me. I was about to pick it up, but she turned with a smile and said "I got it".

Picking it up, she smiled and pressed it into my hand. I looked up and smiled at her, I said thank you of course. When she bent down to pick it up, she looked so incredibly tall and beautiful. Her legs alone where so high, they seemed to be up to my chest. And when she pressed her hand to mine, it was so beautiful. The length and the width, were so much more than mine, my hand was totally engulfed by hers.

Sometimes when she walks by me, she acts so adorable and flirty I find it so charming. Sometimes walking in a cute way, she pokes me or gives me a light push while saying something. I totally want this girl!!! I return the charm, and love giving her my attention. Earlier that day, she needed to get out her anger about another coworker.

I was in the area, leaving out the details of the topic, it was essentially a difference of opinion. She was talking to me about it, about what had happened between her and a coworker before, and it angered her so much she began to unload it.

She actually lean down toward me yelling about the incident and I just gulped out loud just looking at her. She just looked like she was surging with so much power, her shoulders above my head actually widened!! All I could say is that she is truly beautiful, VERY beautiful when she was angry. She looked so strong, so sexy!

But the important thing here is letting someone express what is getting them angry, and then try offering a solution. I felt this way several times, and I understand. After listening to her, I was talking to her about what she could do about it, she got closer and started listening. Shortly after she was leaving to her break.

She is so beautiful and sweet, I love being around that girl.

Too small for tall athletic Russian girl

About the tall beautiful Russian girl, was a porter but now a hostess.

I was talking with someone on Tuesday night. They were 2 females, one of them was the tall, VERY sexy black girl whose a porter. And for some reason we were discussing the subject of dating and relationships. I couldn't stop checking out the black girls body, as she was sitting her legs stretched out so far I felt so little next to her, even though I was standing!

The tall sexy porter asked the the woman about her daughter dating. Her daughter by the way, was a porter who now hostesses at a restaurant. Her daughter is so awesomely tall, than I barely come up to her chest, and her shoulders are easily VERY above my head! I have spoken with her daughter on several occasions and when I do, I love how much she towers over me. There were other times I have tried to say Hi, or speak to her and she looks at me like I'm a little kid and keeps walking with her impossibly long strides. This girl is so beautiful, and looks so athletic I wouldn't stand a chance in dating her (but I can be sweet to her can't I?;)

Anyway the 2 I am discussing relationships ask about my life. I tell them the truth, that I don't have a girlfriend and I'm not married. They both smile and tell me I should get one.

And the tall, beautiful black girl tells me "You're a nice little guy."

I totally adored that, I really just wanted to lean into her and hug her so tight. I said thank you, very sincerely. And then they were telling me that I should date again. And then the beautiful black girl says I should date and marry the other ladies daughter....the awesomely tall one.

I laugh and shaking my head I smile a little. And the woman responds about her daughter, she raises her hand, measuring above her head, she says "you're too little, she needs a tall man, a tall handsome man."

WOW! All I could think of is how high the womans hand was raised, sort of "you have to be this tall to ride this ride." Her arm was raised so high, I couldn't even jump that high, or reach that high. Yet it was only a few inches taller than her daughter.

Her daughter is so tall and perfect. She has such an adorable smile, and such a beautiful athletic physique.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Tall hardbodies / Turning Stone gaming

I was in the gaming area section where they have Keno and the Leopard Lounge, on and off. As I was walking around, walking in from section 5 comes two people. One of which is a towering, gigantic sexy blonde girl in a tight denim miniskirt! She was so tall, I did a doubletake and I soooo wanted to follow her. I must have only measured up just above her midriff area!!! She was so tall, her shoulders were colossal compared to mine, and her legs were endless in that miniskirt!!! Her legs were so long, her sexy rocksolid ass must have been nearly up to my chin!!! She walked in the Keno/Section 3 and 4 area two times! Once she walked between the machines and the Leopard Lounge, the 2nd time she walked between the machines and the gaming tables, she walked all over that area though. I, a mere 5'4", was in my glory! Next time I am going to stop what I am doing and follow that towering hardbody, maybe she is in need of assistance;)

Then close to the end of the night. I am in section 4 and this tall, sexy girl in tight jeans (I come up to her shoulders) was walking around. As I am walking, then standing near the ramp near section 4, she comes right up close to me and stands there. OMG She is so tall and sexy! Then she pulls out her cellphone and calls someone, anyway...I had to leave, and I did so reluctantly.